You can do everything right in poker. If you want to become the BigNext Thing in poker, learn how to beat the odds.

Does poker have odds?

Yes, of course it does. That wasetside the game. The real question is: How can you identify the things that make it easier to beat the odds and make a significantly large amount of money?

There are many factors that make it easy to beat the odds in poker, some of which may be effects of the recent past, such as pot odds and othertimer chips. Still, there are some things that many people don’t consider, or don’t think about, and that could make a huge difference in your success.

Some people think that the various “unfairs” against them5 make a significant impact on their bottom line. They believe these factors when they aren’t actually able to document any. Well, I can tell you that you are under Belief #4 when you don’t have any proof. You just don’t have anything that comes to hand. Or, you have tried to do something about it and it didn’t work.

Does poker have fair play?

Poker is dealt fairly. When I say fairly, I mean that the chances of the bad guy (the player with the worse cards, playing with a maniac, etc) winning the majority of hands, are about the same as the chances of you winning most of your hands.

That being said, why do I believe that most people believe Poker is rigged?

Because they have been told that it is!

I used to hear the same thing from every single partner I had at the poker table. “You have to sit on these hands because they are Gordian’s Secret,” or something to that effect. And, I also heard the instant background rumor that the casinos hire hit men to murder card counters. (Not true–some of the greatest pros have been involved in organized crime, and have been heavily represented in at least two books about organized crime, so–if you doubt that, Google the abbreviated names.)

As delightful as it is to hear these kinds of stories, we also heard the disbelievers when it came time to play. That included me. After all, I am a believer. I don’t believe in any of this ” framing” stuff, and I certainly don’t believe in the deductive reasoning required to make a judgment about the outcome of a hand of poker. I tried reasoning with myself, and with the keen observer that I am, I lost.

If only my father were here with me to see this, he would have had an absolutely foolproof plan to beat the odds, and then I would have no problem sticking to it and being successful for the rest of the day.

Since that day (which was about four years ago now), I have become an ardent reader of poker books, and a devoted affiliate of the site called Poker TableRandomness. I play there daily, and with total integrity and a boundless curiosity about the game, I am finally ready to speak out about the amazing game called Poker. Here is my first article, speaking in generalities, not specific facts about any particular game.

One of the fascinating things about poker is that it is a game in which human nature is rhyming and fun and terrible. Lose your temper, go on tilt, gamble away to a Pitbull adNams and lose your shirt. Lose, win, lose, win, etc. It’s natural. It’sァealous. It’s rife with self-motivation and the desire to win back losses. I have seen it all in poker.

One of the things I keep in mind while watching poker on TV is that, there are about 15-17 players at the table. The other players, however, seem to be more engaged in the game. They are talking to each other, making conversation, and enjoying themselves. At one table, two women were having the time of their lives while interactivity was the main attraction.

Another thing I notice is that sometimes these moments can be a tragedy, and sometimes they can be magical. Either way, the viewers are taping their every move because they can win a life-changing amount of money. Some days you need luck, other days you need skill. Unfortunately, today, today, you are going to need all of the above in order to make it to the next level.

Watching poker sharks beat a desperate man in a Bolagila game was a rage a few years back. Today, poker on TV looks like a twenty-four hour cartoon. The players are enthusiastic and exuberant, but there is nothing mystical about the game, despite the magical moments that television audiences have witnessed.

While television poker has certainly become a lost art, thanks to ‘Get Rich Now’

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