Can you really use your luck to win at Roulette?

The tide is turning against the house, you cannot win any longer, the Blackjack dealer has been beaten, you think that luck might be on your side, but all that happens is that your luck turns, and with it all your money goes. So can you really use your luck to win at Roulette?

Yes you can, but don’t act too confident, make sure you study the probability of the numbers and the place best to place them, you have to be a bit of a math expert to determine the probability of the numbers to come in, that’s where the casinos make most of their money. Now you don’t have to be a math whiz to find the answer, I am but the house knows it all, they have multiply the tables and now they can narrow down the probability by placing certain bets on certain numbers or positions, that’s why the casinos have been so successful.

Roulette and Luck – Double Your Money!

Back in the good old days a customer would have to find the retailer to play at and then the dealer would point to the roulette wheel and say ‘The wheel is yours, turn it’. The player would then place a bet on one of the 38 numbers on the table with their lucky number. The dealer would then spin the wheel, the ball would as well, and let’s just say things would happen according to the odd unless of course the casino planned on taking any bets until such time as the ball landed on the number 37, that’s when the casino would stop all bets and the ball would stay on the black at that particular moment. As long as the ball was still on the black there was no way of predicting or expecting that the ball would land on a red number, which was relatively uncommon.

Of course, the idea of Roulette is that you can’t predict or expect anything to happen, so that when you do happen to see a streak of what seems a bit of a pattern, that is until you realize that the streak has ended and you lose, you have to pass the next spin and start again with new numbers.

The thing about probability and gambling is that you are just playing a big wheel with a small ball and luck. So you have to expect that you are going to lose sometimes and have to prepare yourself for the occasional loss. If you can handle this kind of emotion, then you can walk away from the table a winner every single time.

There is one other thing that you should consider when playing Roulette, and it is the Martingale system. If you have mediates set up your account so that you can lose if you streak in a few games then use the Martingale system to get back all your lost money. Now I know that this system does not work, but it is just to help you with the idea of winning and losing, leaving you in the casino a winner, or a loser.